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Organic foods vs Non-Organic foods

There are always many questions asked about what to buy and if Organic food is better and this page will give you information on the differences.

Here are the DIRTY DOZEN....the foods that one must buy organic due to the chemical residue found in the food and the foods that you can buy that are not organic as they do not hold much if any chemical residue. it is still important to was all your fruits and vegetables before consuming.

DO BUY ORGANIC:                                   NOT ORGANIC:

Meat *(grass fed beef is best)                   Onions                  

Milk                                              Avocado

Coffee                                           Sweet Corn

Peaches                                         Pineapple

Apples                                           Mango

Sweet Bell Peppers                          Asparagus

Celery                                           Sweet Peas

Nectarines                                      Kiwi

Strawberries                                   Cabbage (superfood)

Cherries                                         Eggplant

Kale                                              Papaya

Leafy Greens                                  Watermelon

Grapes                                          Broccoli

Carrots                                          Sweet Potato 

Pears                                            Bananas


Tomatoes (recommended but not essential)

*There is a difference between grass fed beef and corn fed beef, even if corn was organic it is not the natural food for cows and the fatty acid profile of grass fed beef is healthier. 

To see a list of all non-GMO foods check out the site below! (copy and paste into browser) 


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