You will be and feel more present, experience fear-based emotions less often, rely on your coping strategies less, be more accepting and have more trust, and in short, you will be happier.

What is interesting, however, is that two of the stimuli we provide, vibration and sound, which stimulate your senses of touch and hearing are the most effective at waking you up when these stimuli shift in intensity. As a result you will find over a few sessions that you float between sleep and reduced wakefulness. This process allows you to experience your sleeping or nearly asleep body. That’s exactly the state of consciousness that you want to achieve. In that state you feel extremely relaxed.


There is one more stimulus we provide that is exceedingly beneficial. We provide synchronized magnetic field stimulation to the person’s lower energy system including the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. The root chakra is an energetic structure that is associated with feelings of safety and security and your right to be present in your body. We have found that by stimulating this structure in this way there is an increase in spiritual energy flow. Those people who are able to feel their energy system can immediately feel the difference. Others can learn to feel their energy system with the use of this technology over time. Greater spiritual presence within the body promotes greater feelings of relaxation.

With repeated practice you can learn what a profoundly relaxed body feels like. In this way it becomes relatively easy to reproduce this feeling state so that you can remain relaxed more or most of the time. In so doing you are less likely to be triggered by life’s annoyances and are more likely to develop insights into why they used to trigger you in the first place. Enjoy your new state of relaxation.

Here are a few links regarding the technology and further explanations

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