Consultations allows you to learn about the therapies I offer and if they are of interest to you, and it gives you the opportunity to evaluate and decide if I am the correct person to serve you in finding your way back to balanced health.

During a consultation we would discuss your health history, diet, physical, mental and emotional state. All of these impact our well being, and therefore needs to be addressed. We may even do some muscle testing and get you started on a program.

During an in office consultation we can test the nutritional product you are currently using to see if they are suitable for you and of benefit.


Muscle Testing

Muscle testing allows us to determine the functionality of various organs and systems on an energetic level. It also allows us to assess the weakened systems in the body and find out what stressors are the cause. Stressors are defined as heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, mold/fungus, parasites, chemicals and some food and environmental sensitivities and toxins.

We do an assessment of the functional state of the autonomic nervous system. Dr. Royal Lee predicted in 1943, that modern mass food processing techniques would lead to a sharp decline in American health and a sharp upswing in the rate of degenerative disease. Nutritional imbalances are sited as the reason for many health issues by authors and health care practitioners across the globe.

We use Muscle testing to confirm findings from the health history and questionnaire completed prior to and during the consultation. With the aid of muscle testing we determine the nutrients required specific to the individual and the needs of their body. Ensuring that the nutrients recommended test well for the individual in question is another way of assisting in wellness.



The Meridian Stress Assessment uses a Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement (BIM). A BIM measures the electrical conductivity between specific points on the body by creating a "circuit", and then measuring the flow of electricity between those points. These devices have been consistently used in medicine to non-invasively obtain important health information. Some of the more recognizable devices include EKG's and EEG's used to measure heart and brain function.

This assessment is designed to measure 58 different electrical "circuits" in your body related to specific organs and systems. It gives us information about their functionality and what may be needed by the body to improve the function. We can also determine which stressors are present in the body and need to be eliminated.

This system allows us to test for sensitivities/allergies and is non invasive and pain free and very accurate, albeit sensitive and could show pre-clinical issues. We can also determine which supplements are more suitable to each individual.

It aids us in restoring balance by determining information for the detoxification and fortification of specific organs and systems.